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Overview Edit

During the Great War, she was once known as Dimly-Lit, a unicorn who worked within the ‘Ministry of Magical Research and Development’ as a sub-director. After the success of the M.T.S, Dimly-Lit started growing ambitious seeing the 1st generation Alicorns as the peak of arcane technology and science. This ambition would lead to her studying books on alicorns sometimes to the point where she would go days without sleep. She was even known for requesting personal audiences with both the Royalists. Overtime she favored the night itself, taking nightshifts and sleeping during the day. After having witnessed Nighttide save her life her ambition turned into an obsession.

Having learned of the Broken Island, she ventured there only to return to Chromie weeks later as a whole new pony. Deeming her current state unworthy, Dimly-Lit resigned from the Ministry and joined the Alicorn program. When the bombs fell Dimly-Lit (now an Alicorn known as Nighttime-Eternal) along with other survivors escaped to Bunker X beneath the Chromie capital. After many decades Nighttime-Eternal would reform the Bunker and as a result founded “The Accord”, an organization dedicated to reshape the Wasteland under her vision. 

Current Time Edit

Nighttime-Eternal is a major power within the Wasteland, often sending out her followers to find and return with those considered worthy and ‘cleanse’ the unworthy. Another form of attracting worthy ponies is to use radio broadcast along with sprite-bots. Nighttime-Eternal is also known within The Accord for her experiments with a potion similar to the pre-war MTS in hopes to make her ponies more resilient to the harnesses of the wasteland

Personality Edit

A calm, collective and self-assured, she is secure in her quest to bring her vision to light. She is highly intellectual and tries to find use for every pony within her organization.