You might think you got a choice to die, but out here, you ain’t got any other choice but to live. Because there ain’t anything out here that’ll just let you curl up and die – that’d be too easy. There’s never an easy way out. There’s no mercy for the weak, and there’s never no rest for the weary ... you live, and while you’re alive, you do everything you can to stay alive.
Night Sky
Title Mercenary
Race Pegasus Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Rough Riders, Dusktown 
Family Unknown
Status Alive

Night Sky, introduced in Chapter 3, is the leader of the small, ragtag mercenary outfit called the Rough Riders, which is based in Dusktown. She is a minor character that appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn


Night Sky is an extremely cynical pony. She is willing to do whatever it takes to stay alive in a wasteland she believes is trying at every twist and turn to kill her and her friends, and their entire town. To her, anything worth caps is worth doing, and isn't afraid to undertake morally questionable mercenary contracts to earn money, as long as they benefit the town of Dusktown first.

Night Sky can be seen as cold-hearted; in reality, she is simply trying to do her best to keep herself and the only home she has from being raised to the ground by zebras, snow furies, or worse. She has a deep sense of loyalty towards her town and her fellow mercenaries, Bone Charm, Sprinkles, and Gail. Night Sky also harbors a strong hatred towards zebras.


Not much is known about Night Sky thus far, only that she's been living on the surface for most of her adult life. 

It is revealed, however, early in Chapter 3, that she was de-winged and branded a Dashite by the Grand Pegasus Enclave. It is assumed by her fellow mercenaries that she did something terribly offensive to their regime to warrant both a branding and the clipping of both her wings. She hides her scars in shame from all but a hoofful of people, including Red Dawn, Gail, Bone Charm, and Sprinkles. 


Night Sky is extremely adept with using firearms, and is seen using her assault rifle effectively during the snow fury ambush in Chapter 3. She is also an efficient team-player, reloading her assault rifle only when her teammates are still firing to maintain a steady hail of gunfire on her opponents. 

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