Night Fang is a unique Colt pistol owned by Frost Windchill. It was the most recent addition to his arsenal- until he acquired a Sagia 12S shotgun.


Frost acquired Night Fang before he began his bounty hunt for Sewn Britches. Night Fang was originally intended as a temporary sidearm, but Frost ended up holding onto the pistol. It was partially due to never finding an equal or superior firearm that suited him but mostly due to serving him so well. This is namely because the hands he can create from ice are not bound to natural limitations and he thus has a blazing-fast trigger finger capable of turning Night Fang into a bullet hose. He carried the pistol throughout his travels with Rig and Azrael, presumably to the modern day too.


Night Fang is a M191101 pistol. It has a widened mag well to accept 45-round double-stacked magazines of .45 Automatic Colt Pistol cartridges, and it has a screwdriver mounted under the barrel that acts as a crude bayonet. The pistol is not heavily decorated like other weapons Frost owns such as his shotgun, Luna's Judgement, or his old assault rifle, Luna's Fortitude- at least until later in the story.


  • The Colt M191101 is based off of the real-life Colt M1911 .45 pistol. Its name is a conglomerate of the M1911 and the Colt CM-901 assault rifle.

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