New Pegasus (formerly Las Pegasus) is the name of the largest city in the Neighvada Territory, and the location background for the sidefic Fallout: Equestria - Viva Las Pegasus.

Role in the WarEdit

The City of Las Pegasus wasn't affected by the War in more way than having to supply troops and materials to the Equestrian War effort. As a product of the zebra attack to the Equestrian weapon cachés in the western mountains of Neighvada, the magic barrier known as the Divide was created. This barrier deflected the attacks headed towards Neighvada, preserving it from the devastation. However, isolated and located in a desert, the city suffered to keep the status it had before the War.

Current StateEdit

The City of New Pegasus is now a walled, closed city with an elitist conception of itself. In order to be allowed to live in New Pegasus, a pony must have obtained a Citizenship Card from the local authority. Apart from that, the City keeps living in the reckless ways of the past, with its Casinos, hotels, restaurants and fancy shops. Under the glitz and the shine, the mobs rule the fates of the Citizens.

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