NerfGun DaC

Atom Smasher's Nerf Gun. Mounted on her hoof.
~ DAfavicon CaptainHoers

The Nerf Gun is a toy gun and the primary weapon of Atom Smasher.


The Nerf Gun was discovered in Stable 512, in a disused part of the Stable by Atom Smasher. The gun fires normally harmless foam darts and is hoof-mounted as opposed to battle-saddle or mouth grip weapons. Atom often fired the toy within the stable to aggravate and annoy the other stable dwellers. When she found the exit to the stable, Atom brought the Nerf gun with her, playfully shooting two merchant ponies with it. The merchants gave Atom Smasher some unique foam darts that had been enchanted to cause explosions when they landed, turning her toy into a deadly weapon similar to a grenade launcher. Atom used her now deadly nerf gun to fight off a group of ambushing raiders and carries the weapon as her primary firearm.



The nerf Gun is a six-cylinder toy rifle, that fires foam darts. It had a holster and some straps, and is designed so that a pony can slip a hoof into the straps to take it out, and then holster it again to walk. The Nerf gun requires two hooves to be operated and is difficult to fire whilst moving, but does allow easier aiming because of the unique way it is wielded. 


The Nerf gun is not a deadly weapon on its own, being nothing more than a foal's toy. But with the addition of the enchanted foam darts, the Nerf Gun becomes considerably more lethal. The foam darts it uses are harmless, but the enchanted ones Atom Smasher was given not only explode on impact, but are themselves left unharmed by the explosion, meaning they can be collected and used again. The enchanted bullets are distinct for their burnt appearance.

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