Nat Armored
Natascha in her starter leather barding
Full Name Natascha
alias Courier 6
Race Griffon
Sex Female
Faction/Role Marejave Express
Family Unnamed Mother (mentioned)
Status Alive
Your name is Natascha and you don't remember drinking NEARLY enough last night to warrant a headache this bad. In fact, you don't really remember drinking much anything at all- what do you remember?
– Narrator
"Fallout Equestria: Marejave" Page 1

Natascha is the lead protagonist of the MSPA choice-based adventure Fallout Equestria: Marejave. She is the story's equivalent of the Courier from Fallout: New Vegas. Before an injury resulting in a brief coma, she worked as a package courier for the Marejave Express.

History Edit

Background Edit

Natascha was a Rank II courier for the Marejave Express, stated to be "one level below regional manager" before she was ambushed outside of Dodge Junction during a delivery.

Natascha seems to be a fan of the radio host Golden Oldie, especially the "terrible" radio dramas she plays from time to time. Her idea of great romantic story telling is soap-opera level telanova style dramas and possibly love stories like The Notebook, but the context of the latter was delivered more as criticism so it's unclear.

Natascha has mentioned that she's been to Hoofington exactly once and doesn't "like talking about The Hoof. No one does." She has also expressed a dislike of Stables, hinting at a past of getting in trouble with exploring dangerous places.

Traits Edit


">Nat: Lie your ass off"

Natascha seems to be fairly skilled in lying, easily convincing Cherry that she fought off two dozen raiders at once before getting the injury that resulted in the start of the story. Whether she is actually well versed in lying, or Cherry is naive and easily convinced, or her story being believed was due to pure luck has yet to be seen. She has also twice mentioned her preference for energy weapons, apparently at the cost of training with conventional firearms because they're "cooler".


Stat Score
Strength 5
Perception 6
Endurance 4
Charisma 7
Intelligene 4
Agility 6
Luck 8

Tagged Skills Edit

  • Speech
  • Repair
  • Unknown

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