Nanny Jane
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Status Alive
Nanny Jane is a earth pony working as a merchant, living in Bridle Hope.



Nanny Jane has lived in bridle Hope for some time, she runs, Bridle Hope's General Store. She is not too popular in Bridle Hope and developed some kind of feud with Pearly.

Present DayEdit

Nanny Jane is first encountered when Hired Gun visits her store. Nanny Jane sells hired a Battle-Saddle with two rusted pistols and some food and drink. Hired Gun returns to Bridle Hope where she assassinates Nanny Jane by shooting her from the local bell tower. Silver Bullet had hired, Hired Gun to kill Jane, because she was a competing slaver and she had stolen Serenity from him.



Nanny Jane was described as an older mare who had a dirty green coat and a black mane.


Nanny Jane was a busninesspony who had no qualms with slavery, likely seeing it as just another market.

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