A protagonist in Fallout: Equestria - Old Souls.


A lithe young adult Zebra, Naiara has dark grey stripes in her coat, and a lustrous silver mane. Her eyes are Jade green.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Naiara is a very easy-going girl, happy to take things as they come. Not to say that she isn't aware of when to get serious, but she doesn't let her loyalties to her friends and clan prevent her from being a playful free spirit.

Naiara is a master of Stompeii Emboli style hoof-fighting, which relies on flexibility, agility and adaptability to attack and defend from any angle. the style is suited to her natural grace, which also manifests in her tracking skills.

The story so farEdit

Naiara first meets Snowflake and Bosco after being denied entrance into Lethbridle by a guard. Surprised that Snowflake knows some Zebra-tongue, she agrees to let Snowflake retrieve a package she had been waiting for. She then accompanies the two to Plottawa, where she loses a fight to Peanut, the head slaver.

Naiara meets Snowflake again just in time to save her from Aqua Breeze, who blamed the Unicorn for her sister's disappearance. Though adversarial at first, she and Aqua Breeze become fast friends. The two cover Snowflake and Cept's escape from Neighlway, after which Naiara goes on to join Snowflake in her quest to unify the Raiders.

Suffering a grievous injury at the Whitepony archives, Naiara is not present when the others encounter the Fog creatures. Naiara reveals a mission given to her by her tribe during the Raider summit, and manages to escape with Undertow after things go wrong.

Naiara voluntarily stays away from the others after this, fearing alienation from Snowflake, who she feels she betrayed to the Raiders, and Breeze, who hates anything to do with Raiders. Naiara still provides information (via communicator) on Undertow's whereabouts, but is unwilling to rejoin the group until she needs their in surviving the Mother Hissyflit and Hissyflit Alpha.

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