Nadyr by Turtledude999
Race Half-zebra (zebra father, earth pony mother)
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Freelancer
Status Alive
I want them to hate me for being filthy rich, not for being a zebra!

Nadyr is a half-zebra stallion and one of the main characters of Fallout: Equestria - Viva Las Pegasus.



Nadyr's origins are unknown, as he hasn't revealed where he was born or what his full name is. The only certain thing about his past is that his father was a zebra wanderer who met his mother, an earth pony mare; and that he's the product of a one-night stand. His zebra aspect caused him to be rejected and looked upon with fear by everypony else.

At a point of his life, yet unknown, he made it to Freedom Field, where he began working for the local gangs.

Present dayEdit

Nadyr works as a mercenary for anypony who can afford his rates, often going by the theatrical nickname of "Mister Black". He meets Farsight in an undercover mission and later starts working with him on a regular basis.



Nadyr is a half-zebra with a dominant zebra aspect. His coat is cinder-gray with white, thin, irregular stripes, and his mane is a curly black ball on top of his head. He also wears a mustache and a beard. He wears a pinstripe suit.


Nadyr's main ability is his great shape and agility, capable of dancing through a cloud of Cazadorables. He is also well trained on hoof-to-hoof combat.


  • First referred to as 'Mister Black' -- a codename assigned to him by the stringers.


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