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Full Name Mustang
Title Star Paladin Mustang
Race Unicorn
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Steel Rangers - Wintertrot Contingent
Status Alive

Mustang is a Steel Ranger and one of the protagonists of Rangers of Wintertrot.



From what he has spoken of, it seems Mustang is a travelling hero, scouring the wasteland in his search for the corrupt and evil whom he might kill. He claims to have saved a Settlement called Crow's Nest before arriving in Wintertrot.

Present DayEdit

Mustang was encountered within Trotsworth Independent Technologies, he managed to get Inkwell and Crosshair into cover and then used his minigun to kill two Super Stallions who had been pursuing him. After slaughtering the mutant ponies, Mustang engages Inkwell and Crosshair in conversation as they search some of the offices and decides to accompany the two Rangers, Inkwell promotes him to a Star Paladin.



Mustang is a large and very muscular unicorn stallion with a particularly compact unicorn horn. Mustang has baby blue eyes and his coat is pine green, his mane and tail are black. He also sports a thick black beard that connects to his mane.


Mustang is skilled with using heavy weaponry, he is also capable of levitating heavy weapons with his magic with ease.


Mustang uses a unique minigun, Hailstorm as his primary weapon.


Inkwell - Mustang views Inkwell as a noble soul. embodying the best of the Steel Rangers virtues. He see's Inkwell as a respectable leader, and accepts his offer of being Inkwell's Star Paladin.

Crosshair - Mustang see's Crosshair as a warrior, like himself. And has a deep respect for the zebra.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • A Mustang is a type of Horse
  • A Mustang is also a type of muscle car

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