Mouthkicker is a steam powered pistol that fires .308 caliber slugs. The pistol is owned and used by Dead-Shot


Mouthkicker is unique among pistols as it is specifically designed for use by creatures with opposable digits, like Griffins, Diamond Dogs and Minotaurs. The makes using Mouthkicker like a conventional mouth-operated pistol, uncomfortable and difficult for ponies.

Mouthkicker is a high quality pistol, like many weapons wielded by certain Diamond Dogs that Dead-Shot has encountered. The pistol has a steam powered firing mechanism, unlike regular firearms which use gunpowder combustion to fire. This allows Mouthkicker to have varying levels of penetration power, depending on how much pressure is allowed to build, before firing it.


Mouthkicker originally belonged to Dog, a Diamond Dog who was the apparent master of the alicorn, God. When Dog was vaporized by the Build-Me-Up Buttercup robots, the weapon survived along with a key that Dog was carrying. Dead-Shot used the weapon, after he was much further into the Casino Royale and christened the weapon Mouthkicker due to the recoil.


Mouthkicker is a high quality pistol, with ornate brass decoration. The pistol has brass ironsights and has a trigger mechanism built with creatures that have hands/paws in mind, rather than pony mouths, making it harder for equines to fire.  A color-coded gauge near the rear sight lets the user know how much pressure has built up, but is difficult for a pony to see when gripping with the mouth.  Fortunately, the PipBuck S.A.T.S. spell seems to have little trouble conveying information on the weapon's status and potential effects to its wearer.

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