Mosin is a slaver, first encountered outside Stable 93 when Murky and his fellow slaves are sent to explore and loot the Stable.



Mosin originated from Stalliongrad and served as a full-time slaver for Red Eye. He took a crippling injury to one of his hooves, making him unfit for the regular work of slavers and so he was given the position of armsmaster.

Present DayEdit

Mosin is seen working as an armsmaster, arming the Raider slaves and regular slaves with various before they enter Stable 93. He comments on how Brimstone keeps breaking guns and tells Brimstone not to break anymore or he isn't getting any in future jobs. He then gives Glimmerlight a gun without a safety, simply replying that it's a gun, it's not supposed to be safe. Murky asks for a battle-saddle, much to Mosin's amusement and talks down to Murky before he gives him a BB pistol.

He took cover when the Steel Rangers assaulted the stable and survived the assault, returning to Fillydelphia. Mosin is reportedly working on getting the Sparkle Sanitiser that Murky stole for Protégé into working order. Mosin was encountered by Murky when he was sent to retrieve a spark battery from him. He appeared again during Barb's raider rebellion as one of the advisors to Protégé, his asistant Blunderbuck was instructed to equip Murky with weapons.

Mosin later supports Chainlink Shackles events of what transpired within the Mall during Barb's riot and advocates Shackles promotion to leader of the mall. He later appears during a meeting of slavers, alongside Sooty Moraas, Chainlink Shackles, Grindstone & Wildcard.


Murky noted that the Raiders were given their own weapons from before their enslavement, he doesn't have Brimstone's though which probably means he never owned one. Ironically enough for Glimmerlight who complained about a lack of safety on her hunting rifle, its exclusion actually saved her life when fighting two of barb's disciples/shadows.

Mosin refuses to arm Brimstone with his own gear, a set of fearsome barding that included massive spiked horseshoes and a dragon skull helmet. The armour was found in a storage room in the slavers quarters, inside the mall.


Appearance & speechEdit

Mosin is an elderly stallion. He speaks in slightly broken Equestrian with pauses in his sentences since he is from Stalliongrad, which may indicate that Equestrian is not his first language. One of his front hooves is notably crippled, making movement for him, slow and painful.


His name is a reference to Sergei Ivanovich Mosin, a Russian weapons designer who invented Mosin rifle.

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