Morning Dawn
Race Pegasus
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Stable 91
Family Red Dawn (son), Red Roan (husband)
Status Alive

Morning Dawn, introduced in Chapter 1, is the mother of Red Dawn. She lives in Stable 91. Morning Dawn is a minor character that appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn.


Morning Dawn is overly protective of her son, Red Dawn, much to his irritation and annoyance. She attempted to convince him not to become an engineer out of fear of losing him to an accident like she did her husband, and worries about his safety on the daily basis. This over protectiveness seems to be born out of the trauma she suffered when her husband died to a steam explosion at engineering. She fears for Red's safety because she does not want to lose him too, for he is the only family she has left. Morning Dawn, having raised Red Dawn by herself, has an extremely close relationship with her son, who she loves to the point of annoying him with her worrisome concern for his well being.


Morning Dawn married her husband, Red Roan, an engineering pony. The two had a single child, which was Stable 91's per family limit. Their child, Red Dawn, would later grow up to become an engineer much like his father. Only a few years after giving birth to their only child, Red Roan perished in a steam accident in engineering, when a pipe exploded and scalded him to death. Morning Dawn did not take this very well, and grieved for her loss; this trauma would persist to this day, as her greatest fear is losing her son too. Morning Dawn raised Red Dawn by herself since then, as a single parent, never remarrying, and choosing to remain loyal to her dead husband.

Nearly two decades later, Morning Dawn watched her son leave her to travel beyond the Stable doors in his expedition to find another water talisman. To this day, she awaits her son's return.


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