Oh come on now, I could have killed you… all I want you to do is make a little deal with me, and it’s two way. You help me, I help you.
– Mist to Tornado
Chapter Eighteen
Full Name Mist
Title Enclave Commander
alias Commander
Race Pegasus
Sex Male
Faction/Role The Grand Pegasus Enclave
Family Unknown
Mist is a major character and an antagonist in The Last Wanderer written by Cyclone Flashie (AKA TornadoFIM).


Mist is an antagonist in TLW by Cyclone Flashie; he is part of the Grand Pegasus Enclave, and a commander. Ever since he was a young foal, Mist has always believed that the corrupt ways of the Enclave were the ways to follow. He wished for a better Equestria, and during his foal years he always wanted to be an icon. However, he had grown to power and soon grew corrupt with it, making him one of the most brutal Enclave commanders in history.

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