Miranda was a donkey jenny, living in the town of Alhambronco.



Miranda first met Frost when he was journeying the wasteland many years ago. Having nothing better to do and genuinely curious about Frost, she sat down to speak with him, learning a version of Frost's history.

Present DayEdit

Miranda was injured when Raiders attacked Alhambronco. She had managed to hide on the upper floors of her store/home, instructing her daughter Wendy to remain hidden. Frost found her, much to her relief, but instead of helping her, Frost aplogized much to her confusion and then killed her to prevent Azrael and Rig from learning about his past. He then killed her daughter to ensure their would be no witnesses. Javahl was aware of Frost's murders and revealed that Frost killed the two before Azrael attacked him with her Ghostfire Scyhe.


Killing Miranda put Frost in an incredible tense and difficult position with Azrael and Rig, who both disapproved of the act, Rig showing him nothing but scorn and contempt for a long time afterward. Frost regretted killing Miranda to keep his secrets, reflecting that it had been an unnecessary and horrible thing to do. Miranda's and her daughter's death would push Frost into finally revealing his full and unaltered history.

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