One simple survival instinct.  If you smell rotten mint...gallop away as fast as you can and do not look back.  Do not stop and do not try to hide.  Just gallop.  Gallop...and pray.

Also known as the Metro Monsters, Them and They.

The name "Mint Beasts" was given to them by Murky Number Seven: so named because the only warning you receive of their presence is a powerful smell of rotting mint.

They are creatures who live in the outer metro line of Fillydelphia.

History Edit

The creatures appear linked, in some way, to the memory research done by Aurora Star, and the shadowy ghost-like creatures seen by Murky Number Seven when he was salvaging Stable 93. While most of the shadow ghosts he saw were Barb's crew, at least one -seen while he was leaving- was not.

They used the underground metro lines to move around during the day and gain access to street level at night.

They emerged in Fillydephia not long after the Balefire bombs fell and quickly became stuff of frightening legends. Ponies would be afraid to walk the streets at night and were always on guard for the smell of mint. Even in the pre-Red Eye Fillydelphia, which was a chaos of warring gangs and brutal slavers, the creatures were feared above all.

When Red Eye's forces arrived in Fillydelphia he led a campaign into the metro to exterminate the creatures. When he emerged he ordered the outer metro be sealed and ordered nopony should ever enter again. He never spoke of his experience in detail.

They were later rediscovered by Chainlink Shackles' slaves when they dug into a section of the outer metro while searching for the abandoned Ministry Station.

Abilities Edit

The Mint Beasts are strong enough to knock down doors unless they are especially thick or reinforced in some way. Very fast, a pony needs to run at full gallop to stand a chance of escaping.

It is likely they have an ability to sense the presence of others; as evidenced that hiding is never an option to escape them.

Brutal and feral as any wild beast, they can strip a pony down to a skeleton very quickly. They also appear to attack any living thing; Protege noted a lack of Radroaches and Tox-slugs in the outer metro. Even ghouls appear to be prey.

Notes Edit

  • The main habitat of the Mint Beasts appears to be within an underground asylum located near the abandoned Ministry Station. When disturbed in this area they attack brutally and in force.
  • The Mint Beasts do not show up on E.F.S.

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