Perhaps, I thought, they expected her to turn the gun on herself. No. They left it there for her to wallow in the guilt of her cowardice. Too afraid to kill them back. Too afraid to kill even herself.
Red Dawn after finding Minnow, half dead and holed up beneath a desk at the Orphanage hideout, in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn, Chapter 14
Title n/a
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role The Orphanage
Family Unknown
Status Alive

Minnow, introduced in Chapter 14 of Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn, is a supporting character and member of a currently unknown rank and role in the Orphanage, one of Poneva's resistance groups.


From her interactions with Red Dawn and his party thus far, Minnow appears to be meek and cowardly, even admitting to the former after she is discovered hiding beneath he a desk after her hideout was raided by unknown intruders. As a member of the seemingly benevolent Orphanage, however, it can be assumed she is a mare of good intentions, helping the resistance help the needy and oppressed in Poneva and in the region's outlying settlements.

Minnow also seems to be scarred from the trauma of witnessing her friends and comrades being tortured, humiliated, and murdered by those who she thought were her own allies. Upon being found by Red Dawn and Candy Cane, Minnow was acting delusional, overcome by hysteria, evidence of the mental trauma she endured during the whole ordeal.


Not much is known about Minnow's history at the moment, but she was found hiding among the dead at the Orphanage hideout Red Dawn and Candy Cane traveled to. She is currently en route, with Red and Cane, to another manned hideout, in search of an escort to the Orphanage's headquarters to warn their leader, Salacity, of the unknown enemies that raided the hideout Minnow was stationed at.


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Relationships Edit

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