A minigun is a heavy weapon, first developed during the war by Equestria. 


Miniguns are heavy weapons that excell at firing hundreds of rounds per minute. Miniguns fire using a rotary barrel that is powered by a small motor. the gun will take a moment to spin fast enough before firing. Miniguns are ideal anti-personnel weapons, their high rate of fire makes up for their lack of accuracy and can kill dozens of opponents in seconds. Due to their large size and ammo expenditure, a pony wielding one of these requires a battle-saddle and a large quantity of ammo and a reliable supplier to carry and use the weapon. a unicorn's telekinesis is also a way to fire this weapon .

In Side StoriesEdit

Unique MinigunsEdit

Rosemary - Rosemary is the personal minigun of Bullet-Holes.

Hailstorm - Hailstorm is a unique Minigun, belonging to Star Paladin Mustang

Silver Sword - This minigun belonged to a ruthless mercenary called Shining Armor, the weapon was taken from his body by Snakebite Tourniquet.

The Decrusted - A minigun bought from Sleazy McCheapkins. Part of a pair of Miniguns, this minigun belongs to Rumcake.

Regular MinigunsEdit

Guise of Chaos - Ivory bought one of these and carried it during her journey with Ripple. The weapon was later taken and used by Shade.

Outlaw - The rogue Steel RangerWar Machine used a minigun as one of his primary weapons. The gun was mounted on a articulated arm, attached to his Power Armor.


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