Fallout equestria by felixattchar-d4m7ljs

Littlepip's party facing off against several hellhounds under Enclave control.
~ DAfavicon Felixattchar

Mind Control Helmets are advanced technological devices created by the Grand Pegasi Enclave.


Mind Control helmets were first created by the Enclave, their purpose is to control the actions of a sentient creature and make them subservient to whomever controls the helmet.

The Enclave experimented for some time on creating these devices, test sites like Old Olneigh showed the Enclave experiementing with certain signals and sound waves, which drove the Hellhounds living there into a murderous rage.

The Enclave eventually perfected the technology and used it on Hellhounds to enslave a large number of them. Col. Autumn Leaf used a device to summon several mind controlled hellhounds to his location, which resulted in Red Eye's death.

One Hellhound who is immune to the mind control helmets is Barkin' Saw, due to being mostly deaf.

In Other StoriesEdit

Project HorizonsEdit

Operative Lighthooves used mind control helmets to enslave several Hellhounds, using them as his own private army against the Zebra Remnants. They were eventually freed by Blackjack.


Ardent Vortex uses mind control helmets on mutated pegasi that he controls. He also used one on Redshift, to ensure he would try to kill Mach. The technology is further explored to create mind control devices that, when removed, instantly kill their unwilling victims.


The Mind Controlled Hellhounds are a reference to the mind controlled Deathclaws of Fallout 3.

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