Midnight Talon is a unique balisong blade (aka butterfly knife) personally hoof-crafted by Frost Windchill.


Midnight Talon was created by Frost after killing a hellhound. He took its claw and used another to shape it into a proper blade, dulling one side to form the safe edge to allow for finer manipulation (and fun) with the balisong.

Frost uses the balisong to practice his dexterity with his ice arms. Since he cannot feel with them, it is important to him to maintain and improve his ability with them. The hellhound knife is exceptionally deadly, able to cut through armor and living tissue with ease. The blade is the sister of Silver Skean, another balisong blade that Frost originally used and recovered during his journey with Rig and Azrael .


  • Can apparently cut through almost anything.
  • Has a safe edge dulled using another claw.
  • Hinted that Frost had to kill a second hellhound to make his knife.

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