To keep a soldier, or really any inhabitant of the Wasteland going, they're going to need periodic medical attention. While most treatment can be administered by spells, remedies also come in portable, ready-to-use form, so that they are more easily distributed and consumed.

Standard remediesEdit

They are usually crafted from gathering and mixing particular ingredients, and are either to apply on wounds, or to be ingested.

Healing potionsEdit

The most distributed form of magical healing, healing potions stimulate fast tissue regeneration, and are capable of restoring a wounded body to health in mere seconds. Its effects, sadly, do not include moving said tissues into place, so their usage is not indicated in case of broken bones, presence of foreign objects inside the body, or missing limbs.

There are different varieties of such potions, and their strength varies on the components used and on the skill of the brewer. Extra-strength and super restoration potions appear to be stronger variants of the common healing potion.

Magical bandagesEdit

An ingredient of basic first aid, they are normal bandages which are enchanted to allow faster recovery and healing. Generally less effective than healing potions.


The non-magical kind. Although common they do not have a great purpose when put up against the magical kind.


An orange liquid with a rancid taste, and even worse aftertaste. It is designed to clear a body of harmful radiation.


Pills that render the user resistant to radiation for a period of time.

In Other StoriesEdit

Various StoriesEdit

A collection of medicines that appear in numerous stories.


Used for treating venom filled bites and poisonous stings. Anti-Venom is used to purge a body's systems of any traces of poison. 

Hydra Edit

A type super potion used in the Wasteland, Hydra causes extreme regeneration in a user to the point of being nearly invincible to anything that isn't instantly fatal. Another benefit is that unlike healing potions Hydra will move broken parts back into position and expel foreign objects. However Hydra is extremely dangerous and is often used as a last resort. The rapid cell growth can go out of control leading to a nasty end.

The Ditzy Doo ChroniclesEdit

Dash PurgerEdit

A powerful medicine, designed to purge and flush out any traces of Dash or Ultra-Dash from an addicts body. Described as only a quick fix and not a permanent solution to Dash addiction.

Murky Number SevenEdit


A very small portion of the Equestrian populace suffered allergic reactions to RadAway. Radpurge was developed for ponies who suffered these allergies, but was made in a much smaller quantity before the last day and is much rarer than RadAway due to never reaching Mass production. Gliimerlight and Coral Eve are two ponies that need to use Radpurge.

Other poultices and alchemical brewsEdit

Those potions were seen being created (and often used) by Xenith, expert alchemist. They offer a noteworthy boost in combat capabilities, both temporary and permanent. Permanent brews are to be ingested, instead temporary potions are to be applied directly to one's body.

  • Wall-walking potion: Grants temporary possibility of walking on walls and on the ceiling.
  • Electrical resistance potion: Grants great temporary resistance to electricity and electrical spells.
  • Bone-strengthening brew: A specific zebra brew that allows the imbiber to permanently reinforce its bone structure.
  • Augmenting brew: Rare concoction that greatly augments the imbiber's resistance to all sorts of physical threats permanently.

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