Maple Sugar (Operation Flankorage)
Maple Sugar
Maple dressed in Stable 114 security barding
Full Name Maple Sugar
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Stable 114, Ocher Bullion
Family Harvest Blossom (wife) Deceased

Maple Sugar is an earth pony who lived within the sealed Stable 114. She travels the area around Flankorage, a city north of Canterlot, with Ocher Bullion. She is a main character in the Fallout: Equestria - Operation Flankorage.


Maple was born and grew up in Stable 114. In her own words, when she was a filly, she was a terror. She went around the Stable with a gang of other youths robbed other foals of their comic books and other small items. However, when she accidental stole a box of muffins, (which is a heinous crime in the stable) her gang abandoned her. It was only the kindness of Harvest Blossom which saved her from the security forces. She then became a member of security and later married Blossom. During the invasion of Stable 114, she left the stable with Ocher to get help.


Maple has a strong personality and sense of justice. These traits, however, make it hard for her to hold a disguise and she often has to be reminded by Ocher to stay in character. She has a soft spot for the young though, her own past making her come to their defense if they've lost the path they were taking.


He is a deep blue earth pony mare with a white mane and tail, with pale freckles on her face. She has ice blue eyes. Her cutie mark is yet to be mentioned, however it is probably the silver shield on her security barding, since Ocher has seen her without her barding and made no mention of her cutie mark.


Small Guns: Her training as a Stable 114 security mare has taught her to wield a range of small firearms, although she favours her deceased wife's SMG above all, The Grim Harvester.

Lockpick: Years as a little thug have honed Maple's lockpicking skill, allowing her to pick most locks.

Medicine: Since leaving Stable 114, Maple has been reading the 'Canterlot Journal of Internal Medicine', which makes her the choice to apply first aid. It also allowed her to assist BARON on operating on Ocher's left eye.


The Grim Reaper - An submachine gun previously owned by Maple's wife, Harvest Blossom.

Stable 114 Security Barding - Stardard issue barding to the security staff in Stable 114.


Ocher Bullion-





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