The Magi-Tek Corporation is a megacorporation in Prancem. The company tried to compete with Stable-Tec of Equestria. However the success of the PipBucks and Stables. Was enough to keep Stable-Tec in business. In order to ensure that Magi-Tek survives. The President of Prancem sent a spy to infiltrate Stable-Tec. Who later successfully transmitted every single document on the Stables and PipBucks. Despite stealing technology from Stable-Tec. Magi-Tkc has been developing it's own weapons to defend Prancem. In the event that the great war should spill onto Prancem's shores.

During the WarEdit

During the war, as Stable-Tec was building the Stables. A spy from Prancem infiltrated the company and successfully stolen all documents on Stable-Tec's projects. Unfortunately, due to the chaos of the great war. This act of coporate espionage went uninvestigated, and no pony knew about the deed.

Fifty Years LaterEdit

Fifty years after Littlepip's journey. The Magi-Tek Corporation is now run by the President of Prancem, Iceblood. Iceblood has the ponies in the Prancem Stables to research new equipment, spells and weapons for his own personal use. Iceblood has locked himself in the CEO's office and only checks on his people through reports from the Overmares/Overstallions, and Spritebots that keep watch on his Enforcers. To add to the mystery, the company has been building newer and more secret weaponry. Now being used to conquer the entire world.

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