Were it so easy, my friend. But it is difficult to tell between good and bad, these days. Most ponies do not trust my kind. They think we are all … ‘bad ponies’ … the Silver Horseshoes usually only keep to their own. But I am an exception, I suppose.
Title Madame
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Silver Horseshoe Society , Sunny Days Company (disputable) 
Family Unknown
Status Alive

Madame Mistelle, introduced in Chapter 7, is a member of the Silver Horseshoe Society  who manages a small potion shop outside of Poneva city's Old Factory District. She is a supporting character that appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn


Madame Mistelle always wears a mask over her face. It is described as white with purple mascara, and rouge lips. 


Madame Mistelle is a polite, well-spoken, and sophistocated mare. She speaks extremely formally, and expresses her ideas eloquently in conversation. She appears to care more about the welfare of others than the products she sells. This is demonstrated when she gives Candy Cane, a complete stranger to her, a healing potion as she is fleeing from her Palomino pursuers.

She is helpful and generous, seeing herself as different from the rest of her kind, serving as a link between the people of Poneva and the reclusive Silver Horseshoe Society


Not much is known about Madame Mistelle's life, except that she was born in Poneva city, but raised under Roanian culture


Madame Mistelle is a potion mixer, capable of brewing a variety of helpful concoctions, which she sells in conjunction with the Silver Horseshoe Society's usual wares. 

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