"Lyra" Is a canonical character to the show. See Lyra Heartstrings for more details.
…a mare who had been sitting on a park bench in a most peculiar fashion, her skeleton now melted into the bench itself, holding her to that pose forever…
– Littlepip's Monologue
Chapter 37
Lyra (a.k.a. Heartstrings)
Lyra (left) in the mentioned pose.
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Status Deceased

Lyra Heartstrings was a unicorn mare before the war.


During the warEdit

Lyra is first mentioned when Homage takes Littlepip into the Celestia One Megaspell chamber in Tenpony Tower. She plays an audio tape that broadcasts a discussion between a unicorn (Lyra) and her friends about Twilight Sparkle's overly demanding and unpleasant attitude in wake of small mistakes in the creation of the Celestia Prime Megaspell. The recording then unfolds into Twilight Sparkle's (presumably last) argument with Spike, ending with the dragon announcing that he is going to take a nap.


While it is not explicitly stated, one of Littlepip's brief moments of monologue during her journey in Canterlot suggests that Lyra was killed in Canterlot by the Pink Cloud. Lyra is believed to have died in Canterlot at Ministry Walk while sitting on a bench. It is not made exactly clear if this is Lyra, simply mentioning a “...mare who had been sitting on a park bench in a most peculiar fashion, her skeleton now melted into the bench itself, holding her to that pose forever."

Appearances in Other StoriesEdit

The Last SentinelEdit

Lyra knew Frost Windchill prior to the war, when he lived in Ponyville. She found his ice arms and hands fascinating and became friends with him over time, often joining him at the Beats Blaze club, alongside Pinkie Pie and her friend/marefriend Bon Bon.

The Vault DwellerEdit

Lyra appears as one of the main characters in the non-canon story The Vault Dweller. In this story she is a Canterlot Ghoul who had been captured by Slavers in Las Pegasus. Upon being set free she followed the main characters throughout the Wasteland. She has hoped that Bon Bon had been able to make it into Stable 1 before the door closed. Over the years her magic has become more refined due to use and practice, and she revealed that her friend Lemon Hearts is also a ghoul, but that she hasn't seen her in over a hundred years.


  • Lyra's unusual very bipedal sitting posture is a popular meme with Lyra alongside an obsession with Humans
  • The titular character of Murky Number Seven sat in Lyra's trademark posture in chapter 7
  • Scribe Cold Shower owns a Brushable Lyra toy/action figure.

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