Iudicium Luna
– Engraving on the Shotgun's barrel
Frost describing his Shotgun. Ch.2 The Last Sentinel
Luna's Judgment is a unique, heavily-modified shotgun that serves as the primary firearm of Frost Windchill in his journeys across the Wasteland.


Luna's Judgment is a heavily-modified Remhayngton 87 Special pump-action shotgun with a black finish. The shotgun is covered with ornate carvings including the words "Iudicium Luna" on the weapon's barrel. The shotgun's barrel has been lengthened and the stock removed; a crowbar has been welded onto the top with the hooked end serving as a replacement stock and the jagged end functioning as an impromptu bayonet. It is fitted to accept crude twenty-shell drum magazines in 12-gauge varieties and has a reinforced barrel capable of firing magically-enhanced two-kilogram slugs. The shotgun also ejects spent shells back into a separate compartment in the drums unlike normal shotguns, allowing Frost to reload the shells for later use.

Luna's Judgement exploded when the weapon misfired, much to Frost's shock and surprise. The one he is shown using in the present day was revealed to be a prop. He managed to replace his Remhayngton 87 later with a Saiga 12S shotgun which he named Mumei.


  • The Remhayngton 87 Special is equivalent to the real-life Remington 870 Express hunting shotgun
  • Luna's Judgment was the subject of an "April Foals' Day" joke based off of the Call of Duty weapon guides by XboxAhoy.

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