Luna's Fortitude

Luna's Fortitude, levitated by Rig's magic.

In laboribus et periculus
– Engraving on Luna's Fortitude

Luna's Fortitude is an AKMB assault rifle chambered for 7.62x54SR (Stalliongrad Rimmed), used by Rig as her primary firearm.


Luna's Fortitude was made in Stalliongrad where the extensive and rigorous testing ensured the weapon would be of top quality and capable of serving in the Equestrian military. The expert craftsponyship of the Stalliongrad ponies would ensure the then-nameless Luna's Fortitude would easily survive The Great War. The weapon belonged to Frost Windchill at an earlier point of his life, when he named the weapon and decorated it with extensive carvings.

He left Luna's Fortitude in Stalliongrad, in the safe hooves of one of his trusted friends and shop owners, Chief Thunderhooves. The weapon would be picked out by Rig when deciding what weapons she preferred to wield in combat during her training by Frost's friends, Xamuros and Sly. Rig, after choosing Luna's Fortitude as her primary firearm and having her choice reaffirmed by Frost, proceeded to add several modifications to the already deadly weapon.

Rig modified the weapon with a tighter barrel seal and a slower cyclic firing rate in addition to fitting it with an EPOtech, gem-enhanced holographic sight, a sound suppressor, triple magazines, and an underbarrel BS-03 Tishina suppressed grenade launcher. She also improved the rifling for increased accuracy. Rig used Luna's Fortitude in her first firefight, when the Dead Boys griffins assaulted Stalliongrad.

Luna's Fortitude continues to serve Rig well in combat, now fitted to accept fifty-round belt boxes. It less resembles a bullpup assault rifle and more of a hodgepodge light machine gun. Then again, the AK series was never meant to be glamorous.


The unique assault rifle has engravings carved onto the body of the weapon by Frost. The rifle has numerous mods attached, including a grenade launcher, a triple magazine, a holographic sight, a tighter barrel and a sound suppressor.


  • It is one of two weapons owned by Frost that have been named after Luna.
  • Custom engravings decorate the body of the weapon, a signature of sorts for weapons Frost possesses or once possessed.
  • Has been heavily modified by Rig to improve its already excellent performance.

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