I’ve seen what’s left of ponies who don’t know when to put the dice down and step away from the tables. Even those who are lucky enough to not fall afoul of the casinos end up spending all of their free time at the tables; as afraid of what the next toss will bring as they are of not being there for it.
– Lucky Sevens, on gambling.
Rolling Bones, Ch 7, Broken.
Lucky Sevens
Lucky sevens by spyroconspirator-d5l5p5o
Lucky Sevens Gambling
~ DAfavicon SpyroConspirator
Full Name Lucky Sevens
Race Pegasus
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Wasteland Wanderer/doctor/scout, The Arbitrors, The Watchers
Family Mother deceased, Unknown father
Status alive

Lucky -- full name Lucky Sevens -- is the main character of Rolling Bones.


With a crippled and drug addicted mother, Lucky didn’t seem to live up to his name. Everything was beginning to turn around after his mother went to the Watchers for help. Their doctors were able to break her physical addiction to the chemicals, though her wing was too far gone to fix. For the next few weeks everything began to look up for the young pegasus colt. Fate, however, was not so kind. On Lucky's birthday, his world was crushed when a stallion barged into his family's little shack. Lucky was saved by a pair of Watchers just as the culprit left. Lucky did not earn his Cutie Mark until well into his late teens when he went to his first casino. After waking up from a night of heavy drinking he found a pipbuck in his saddle bags.


Lucky Sevens is a pegasus stallion coated a matte green. With a mane and tail made up of red and white hairs, he looks akin to a casino table. After a particularly unfortunate encounter with a Cazadorable he was left with a noticeable surgical scar along his right jaw. Acting as a supplemental scout for the Arbitrors, Lucky was given a suit of Rad-gator hide armor to wear for protection. He is also never without his Rainbow Dash Ministry Mare doll that he wears like a necklace.


An in depth list of Lucky Sevens perks can be found here.


  • Is bisexual.
  • Is in a relationship with Nurse Gray.

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