Life as I'd known it was over, but it was just a matter of accepting that and moving on.
Lucky Day
Lucky Day

~ DAfavicon HereticOfDune
Race Pegasus
Sex Stallion

Lucky Day is the narrator of Fallout: Equestria - Sweet Nothings, seeking to find a place for himself in the harsh wasteland after being exiled from his home.



Lucky Day was born and raised inside Stable 7, a stable which enforces a policy of "everypony must get along" by punishing disruptive behavior with exile. Little is known about Lucky Day's life inside the stable. He has mentioned working in maintenance and that the reason for his exile was that he murdered someone.


After being exiled, Lucky Day meets an Enclave pegasus, Starry Night, who offers to let him come along with her while she's on a mission by herself on the surface. They soon meet up with a Dashite, Trailblazer, who is leading a caravan with plans on securing trade routes between various settlements. Trailblazer is welcoming, but Starry doesn't get along well with him or his friends, and eventually they part ways, leaving Day with a choice about whom to follow.



Lucky Day is skittish and deferential around authority figures, seemingly due to the importance his stable places on the offices of Security and Administration. He is often upset when ponies around him fight, and doesn't like to be touched, apparently afraid of ponies around him becoming violent.


Lucky Day often describes the world around him in terms of puzzles. He sees ruined buildings and mentally reconstructs what they used to look like, and he often mentions trying to find a place where he belongs.


Ironically, Lucky Day often complains about having bad luck. It apparently got to the point where he prefers to go by just "Day" instead of his full name. He mentions that this is because he'd been teased about his ironic name, and was tired of hearing jokes about it.


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