Don’t mind him, he’s always grumpy in the mornings, well all the time really. Heehee, hi, my name’s Locke and that lump on my other shoulder there is Stock. It’s nice to meet you...
– Locke, addressing Lucky for the first time
Rolling Bones, Ch 3, Leaving Home.
Locke & Stock
Locke Stock
Full Name Locke & Stock
Race Unicorn / Pegasus
Sex Mare / Stallion
Faction/Role Arbitrors
Family Each other


Being born with two heads is not an ideal trait in the Wasteland. Locke and Stock were unfortunately born with this condition, and were quickly abandoned by their parents after their birth. If it were not for the Raiders that showed up to pillage the town they were in, Lock and Stock would not have survived the night.

The leader of the Raiders, being of a curious mind, decided to keep the conjoined foals alive. Taking a random mare from the town as well, Locke and Stock became a mascot for the band of Raiders. The brother and sister were raised, half by the Raiders and half by the mare. Between the two they were taught both the value of life and the utter senselessness of it.

It was only when the mare was murdered by one of the Raiders that Locke and Stock were able to choose which path in life to take.

Locke and Stock stole a high powered rifle, a pair of binoculars and set up a roost east of the Raider's encampment. As the sun rose behind them, they made their decision known with the pull of a trigger.

Taking jobs as hired guns, they quickly made a name for themselves as an expert sniper team.

When Oracle approached them to join his mercenary company, they saw no reason to refuse.


Locke and Stock are conjoined twins. Locke is a unicorn mare with a light blue coat and pink mane. Stock is a pegasus stallion with a dark blue coat and purple mane. On the surface, Locke and Stock could not seem more different. The former seems almost innocent in her near child like behavior while the latter rarely cracks a smile that isn't aimed at anothers misfortune. Despite this they operate as an almost perfect sniper team, seemingly able to read each others minds allowing for almost zero delay in adjustments and re-alignments when taking down hostiles.

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