Race Pegasus Pony
Sex Male
Role Sneak Expert, Archaic Spellcaster
Family None
Eyes Orange
Mane Brown
Coat Navy Blue
Cutie Mark Dashed outline of a pony
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Littlewings was a Pegasus pony from Darkness' Shadow who was not given a name when he was young, as his body grew his wings did not. His mother died when he was young and his father died trying to save the foals from The Slendermane who is later revieled to be Blue Bolt. Silver Aura meets Littlewings several years after Littlewings is taken by The Slendermane. By the time he meets Silver Aura he has earned his Cutiemark for being able to sneak by undetected. He is able to use an archaic form of magic by writing down simbols on Irradiated Paper.

Due to extended time spent with her in Stable 119 it can be assumed that he and Iria share a bond of more than just friends.

Because of his underdeveloped wings he is unable to fly.


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