This is a list of characters who appear in Fallout is Dragons.

The Main PartyEdit


A pure-hearted pegasus filly with a talent for explosives.


A snarky zebra necromancer with a scholar's love of learning.


A unicorn follower of the Apocalypse with pyrokenetic abilities.

Tempered SteelEdit

A justice-seeking minotaur with a thunder hammer.

Powder KegEdit

A raider-hating unicorn with a lot of bombs.

Doctor JavoltEdit

An insane cybernetic donkey with a talent for science.


A sarcastic teenage dragon without a lot of experience.

Doctor Tibbs Edit

An earth pony doctor and drug kingpin who joins the party half-way through the campaign.

Supporting CharactersEdit


An infant craggadile with a habit of chewing faces who is adopted by Flotsam early on.

Butters/Crimson Edit

A 'Luvcat' who joins the party in the second half the campaign.

Chica Edit

A Changeling Queen who joins the party for roughly the second third of the campaign before settling in Stable 998. Serves as a love interest for Xencarn.

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