This is a list of weapons that appear in the numerous Fallout: Equestria stories. For a list of weapons from the main story, go to List of Weapons in Fallout: Equestria

Small GunsEdit

Weapon  Effect/Notes Found at Used By Story
Duty and Sacrifice .45 revolvers Dual, five-shot 45-caliber revolvers. Magically enchanted to assist their owner and make them easier to use. Miramare Air Station Vanity Blueblood, Blackjack Project Horizons
Persuasion Unique Grenade Launcher, highly-explosive, allows grenades to be propelled at difficult angles for corner shots etc. Miramare Air Station Doof, P-21 Project Horizons
Penance A unique, experimental sniper rifle. This sniper rifle was very advanced and had unique ammunition types designed for multiple situations. Seen in a memory. Later found by Blackjack at Miramare


Project Horizons
Taurus Rifle  Heavily modified Hunting Rifle, has a mounted scope. Flank Taurus, Blackjack & Bluebelle Project Horizons
Trottenheimer's Folly A unique gun that fires special, Taint-filled rounds. Has been shown destroying a Enclave Vertibuck, an old battleship & a factory floor also doing excessive damage in the process. Ironshod Firearms R&D Blackjack Project Horizons
Vigilance - 12.7mm pistol A unique pistol with the names of Blackjack's ancestors carved onto the mouth grip. Stable 99 Gin Rummy, Blackjack Project Horizons
Bunker Buster A battle-saddle with dual grenade machineguns. Dise Flare Heroes
Black and White Rose A pair of dual .45 pistols. Salt Marshes, Route 52 Henrietta Pink Eyes
Sentenza A weapon that is used to fire the Ponymedes space platforms, orbiting Equestria. The orbital platforms fire extremely destructive barrages from space, capable of levelling buildings Ironworks Puppysmiles Pink Eyes
Luna's Judgement Modified Remhaygton 87 Special pump-action shotgun. Chambered for 12ga. and can accept multiple types of shells. Frost Windchill The Last Sentinel
Luna's Fortitude An AKMB assault rifle, successor assault rifle to the AKb2 & 3. It's rust resistant, jam resistant, damage resistant and will continue to fire, even when jammed with sand, mud, water etc. Multiple modifications. Chambered for 7.62x54 SR. Stalliongrad Rig The Last Sentinel
Night Fang Semi-automatic, double-action Colt M191101 pistol. Chambered for .45 ACP. Frost Windchill The Last Sentinel
Rarity's Grace Unique, small calibre pistol. Notably quiet compared to most firearms, can only load three bullets at a time. Ministry of Image hub, Fillydelphia


Murky Number Seven

Murky Number Seven
Grapple Gun A gun that fires a grappling hook, allowing Murky to reach higher locations, swing across gaps etc. Murky Number Seven Murky Number Seven
Rattler An old, reliable machine gun. Unusual for Enclave personnel like Mach, given it is a kinetic weapon. Neighvarro Mach Outlaw
Growler A heavy machinegun, built into Mach's Battle-saddle. Buckston, Equestrian Guard base. Mach Outlaw
Railway Rifle A hoof-crafted, steam-powered weapon that uses railway spikes as ammunition. Built by Greaser Greaser Outlaw
Stronghoof's Rifle A well maintained and powerful, bolt action rifle. The rifle has a custom bolt fitted for easier use and faster reloads. Macintosh War Memorial, Ponyville.


Ditzy Doo

The Ditzy Doo Chronicles
Stronghoof's Legacy A silenced, semi-automatic rifle. The weapon serves as a replacement for Stronghoof's Rifle. Stalliongrad Ditzy Doo The Ditzy Doo Chronicles
Hard-Weathered 10mm Pistol The gun belonged to 'The Courier' but was given to Dead-Shot by Doc Hitchup Goodsprings Dead-Shot New Pegas
That Gun A 5.56-round pistol. Casino Royale

Domino Mask


New Pegas
Mouthkicker A steam-powered pistol, firing .308 slugs with variable pressure.  It appears to have been created with claws or talons in mind, making it unwieldy for a pony to use by mouth. Casino Royale Dead-Shot New Pegas
Thunder-Child A powerful steam rifle that fires .308 slugs. The gun is notably ornate in design and features a trigger system designed for claws, making it difficult to fire from a pony's mouth. Thunder-Child has massive recoil, Dead-Shot lost two teeth and dislocated his jaw firing it. Slimm Pass Dead-Shot New Pegas
Broken Unique 12 gauge, five shot, lever-action shotgun Found besides Ripple after he was shot in the head. Ripple Guise of Chaos
Blackhawk A semi-automatic pistol with a sixteen round magazine. The pistol uses the 5.56mm rounds designed Assault Rifiles and is capable of firing four rounds per second. Designed and Manufactured by Arcano Technologies Viewpoint Helix, Seafire, Tungsten, Smoking, Ripsaw Ouroboros
Macintosh A large revolver, owned by a soldier who finished his tour in the Equestrian Military. Abandoned Home Romeo Best Laid Plans
Tankbuster An extremely powerful shotgun, earning its name from its sheer firepower. Roam Ruins Goldwreath New Roam
Vengeance Vengeance is a named revolver, capable of being fired via hoof or mouth grip. Roam Outskirts Goldwreath New Roam
Nerf Gun A toy gun that shoots little foam darts. Foam darts may or may not be enchanted to explode on impact. Stable 512 Atom Smasher Duck and Cover!
Overmare's Fury Lever-action rifle Stable 88 Appletart Longshot Broken Steel

Cybercorn Carbine

Unicorn magic powered carbine

Anne (We're no Heroes)

We're no Heroes


Unique sniper rifle Anne, Lee We're no Heroes
Black Powder Unique laser pistol capable of flash incineration and starting fires. Old gun store on the outskirts of Quebuck

Rootin' Tootin', Sleet Gray


Big GunsEdit

Weapon (Ranged)

Effect/Notes Found at Used By Story
Harbinger Kord 6P50 heavy machine gun. Electrifies bullets fired from it and has a temporal rewind spell matrix that resets the gun to factory-fresh condition with a full belt box in ten seconds. Chambered for 12.7 NSVT. Given to Azrael by the Dead Boys Azrael Razorwing The Last Sentinel
Experimental Coilgun Powerful Coilgun that can pierce shield spells and technology. Requires a slug to be loaded and a microspark cell to power each shot. Later modified so it can fire two shots using one microspark cell. Neighvarro Mach Outlaw
Anathema A modified version of a balefire Egg Launcher. Designed to fire multiple Balefire Eggs simultaeneously. Neighvarro, built by Noctilucent. Solara Outlaw
Autocannon A very heavy weapon with massive recoil. These guns require their owners to be wearing power armor to fully operate them.

War Machine

The Dead Boys


The Last Sentinel

Silver Sword  A distinct minigun, owned by the infamous bounty hunter, Shining Armor. Red Light

Shining Armor

Snakebite Tourniquet

Tom A unqiue and highly ornate Missile Launcher with numerous, unqiue features built into it. A Raider base, inside a locked container. Aurora Borealis New Beginnings
Hailstorm A unique minigun, that has proven to be extremely deadly against organic targets.  Mustang Rangers of Wintertrot
The Decrusted A unique, silenced minigun. Each barrel of the weapon has a silencer built onto it. Happy Hills. Sold to Rumcake by Sleazy McCheapkins Rumcake Memories
Subtlety - Anti-Machine rifle Powerful gun, capable of piercing Power Armor. Dise - Part of Hired Gun's payment Hired Gun Heroes
Sight to the Blind Anti-machine rifle, very heavy and used as a sniper rifle by its griffin owner. Made in Neighwhere by Sweeps Ashred Guise of Chaos
Overkill A unique, custom-built Anti-Machine rifle. Enchanted to cause rounds fired to explode. Constructed by Inkwell in Steelewall Crosshair Rangers of Wintertrot
Rosemary A minigun with anti-zebra slurs etched on it and a tally of presumably kills. Buckingham Bullet Holes Raider and Kid
Forta Unique missile launcher Caramel's Cottage Gibson Purity
The Undoer A unique Anti-Materiel/Machine rifle. Clearer Skies
This Machine An alien anti-machine rifle. Belonged to a GDI trooper who died during the crash. GDCS - Kodiak II Appletart Longshot Broken Steel
Stargazer 6000 Houses a core of starmetal, converting the metal into ammunition for the device to fire. Stargazer also utilizes a special "S.A.T.S." mode, allowing the device to queue individual shots in burst mode. Mall of Equestria Radiant Star Starlight
SDM-9 Sniper Rifle A powerful sniper rifle but with low ammo rounds (only four rounds) Tether's corpse inside a firearms shop from Mayne Zero Silence

Energy WeaponsEdit

Weapon (Ranged)

Effect/Notes Found at Used By Story
AER-14 Prototype Laser Rifle More powerful laser rifle Near the outskirts of Flank Leo Zodiac, Morning Glory Project Horizons
Spark Pulse Emitter A energy weapon that fires green magical projectiles. The weapon can disable Power Armor and robotics. Steel Ranger Compound Serenity Heroes
Celestia's Grace A unique, experimental pulse pistol. Buckston - Pulsar Advanced Weapon Systems Mach Outlaw
Grapple Beam A hoof-mounted energy beam that can be used to grapple or hold objects and deliver a stunning, electrical discharge. Buckston Greaser Outlaw
Mining Laser A powerful laser, originally designed to cut through rocks and used in mining operations.  Sugar Rush Dark Shores
Mesmetron Pink-E has a built-in Mesmetron behind one of her robotic eyes. The gun is capable of stunning enemies, making them easier to guide and manipulate. Pinkie's Dance Hall Pink-E New Pegas
Woodcutter A Laser rifle with an iron-sights scope on it. Named personally by its owner after he killed a pack of timberwolves Red Light Snakebite Tourniquet Misfits

An energy weapon that stuns an opponent, making them easy to guide and control for a short time. Mezzer is unique in that it has infinite ammo.

Everfree Forest Crater

Coin Slot

Morality of Property

Versatility A unique sniper rifle that can use ordinary sniper rifle rounds or magically-enchanced energy rounds. Quick Scope's home Quick Scope Project Polymorph
Jury An experimental energy pistol created by Arcano Technologies and one of three wapons that make up the LAW prototypes. Only one functioning weapon was produced and was given to the Overmare of Stable 17 as a gift. Stable 17 surface exit. Francium Ouroboros
Mercedes Plasma rifle, slower rate of fire compared to it's counterpart Sally, but has increased damage. Road Town Skyfire New Roam
Sally Plasma rifle, has lower firepower than it's counterpart Mercedes, but has a higher rate of fire. Road Town Skyfire New Roam
Energy Bow A unique magical bow. Has been continually modified by Aideen. The bow generates a magical energy arrow, once the string is drawn. Mt. Mustang Aideen Gaia Prevails
Laser Cannons Hoof mounted laser cannons. Four Stars Station, Manehatten Sky Fire Broken Steel


Weapon (Ranged) Effect/Notes Found at Used By Story
Silver Sword/Star Metal Sword Sword made of Star Metal. Can harm Soul Jars or at least cause them pain. Hoofington Museum of Natural History Blackjack Project Horizons
Dragon Claw An ancient fossil that is surprisingly sharp. Hoofington Museum of Natural History


Rampage (Loaned to her)

Project Horizons
Rock of Destiny It's a simple rock labelled as the Rock of Destiny by a inventory spell in Puppysmiles suit. Canterlot Ruins Puppysmiles Pink Eyes
Midnight Talon A unique balisong (butterfly knife), made from a Hellhound claw. Frost Windchill The Last Sentinel
Silver Skean A pre-war balisong blade, made of titanium. Originally from the griffin homeland of Aldorna. Hoofstead Frost Windchill The Last Sentinel
Chrome Cleaver A pre-war balisong blade with a chrome blade. Frost Windchill The Last Sentinel
Valkyrie A ghostfire scythe. A magical energy weapon that produces area-limited flames that burn for a set duration and cannot be extinguished. Azrael Razorwing The Last Sentinel
Betsy A leather whip, designed to inflict pain and keep slaves in line or dole out punishments. Fillydelphia


Murky Number Seven (Stolen and used to bind Sundial's PipBuck to his leg.)

Murky Number Seven
Trident A barbed, ten foot long trident. Designed to stab opponents Fillydelphia Scar Tissue Murky Number Seven
Ballistic Hooves Impact-activated shotgun hooves, attached to a pony's hooves. Delivers lethal kicks.

Ripple was wearing them when he first awoke, after being shot in the head.

War Machine wears a pair of these on his forehooves.

Frosty Winds has a ballistic hoof built into her cyberclaw.


War Machine

Frosty Winds

Guise of Chaos



Obsidian Talon An incredibly sharp knife made from obsidian. The knife is made from black obsidian and has a unique gem built into the hilt to prevent the blade from blunting or shattering. Carried by Razorbeak and given to Mach.



Impact Wrench A tool primarily used for maintenance or repair work. Can be turned into an improvised weapon. Greaser owned the tool prior to meeting Mach. Greaser Outlaw
Shishkebab A makeshift, flaming sword. The mercenary leader of the Prominence mercs owned one in his base of operations. Prominence Outlaw
Hoof Knucks A pair of custom hoof knucks, worn on a pony's front hooves. Tag-End has his name engraved on his own. New Pegas Tag-End New Pegas
Philomena's Touch - Power Hoof Causes a target to catch fire and sometimes burst into bloody chunks. (Similar to the Bloody Mess perk.) Given to Frosty by the Steel Rangers in Happy Hills Frosty Winds Memories
Hoof of Honor An old royal guard horseshoe. Part of a full set of Lunar Guard armor. Family heirloom, Coin Slot saved before leaving Route 52. Coin Slot Morality of Properrty
Magi-drill A hoof mounted, magical energy drill that is capable of drilling through numerous materials. Inside a container, outside of Wintertrot Inkwell Rangers of Wintertrot
Super-Sledge A heavy melee weapon that does excessive damage Super Stallion Rangers of Wintertrot
Coral Club A club made of hardened Coral. Made from coral harvested from the reef, near the island the Reed Dwellers live. Riptide Dark Shores
Volt Whip A magical energy whip that is designed to inflict pain. Showwfield slaver camp Atom Smasher Duck and Cover!
Gladius A modern day replica of a Roaman gladius sword Stable 50 Goldwreath New Roam
Chainsaw A chainsaw, built into a cyberleg. Has Hellhound claw teeth. Hoofington Motor Runner Broken Steel
Zyon's Sword Soul Jar - Indestructible Stable 53 - Zyon's Home Stable Zyon Broken Steel


Weapon (Ranged)

Effect/Notes Found at Used By Story
Net A large net with fish hooks in it. Designed to ensnare opponents and injure them with the fish hooks as they struggle to free themselves Fillydelphia Pitfall Murky Number Seven
Li’l Wallaby An auto-turret built to give Greaser cover fire. Originally had two machineguns but now has a gatling laser and a machinegun. Built by Greaser Greaser Outlaw
Crossbow Hoof-crafted weapons, made from wood. They fire quarrels that can pierce light armor sets.  Sovereignty of Crown Jewel Guardponies Outlaw
Throwing Bracers A pair of foreleg-mounted bracers with talismans that give thrown items lethal velocity. Modified to accept playing cards as ammunition. Full House Duck and Cover!


Weapon (Ranged)

Effect/Notes Found at Used By Story
Antimagic Grenade Cancels out and disables magic in a wide area. Temporarily inhibits the abilities of unicorns. Used by Lancer at the Society's base of operations Lancer Project Horizons
Sparkle-Grenade An extremely powerful explosive, crafted by ponies who know the explosive recipe. It requires the use of a Sparkle-Cola Rad, which causes the blue flamed electrical explosion. Ship by the coast of Buckston Greaser Outlaw
Nail-Bomb A tin can filled with nails around an explosive core. Low-tech, but highly effective at dealing heavy damage to unarmored targets. Raiders Guise of Chaos

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