A list of Megaspells appearing in side Stories. For Megaspells in Fallout: Equestria see: Types of Megaspells

Project Horizons Edit

Name Effect Known Uses
Fusion Megaspell A spell used to fuse a Pony and an animal. This was seen being used on Stonewing who took on the name, Gorgon. It was developed as part of Project Chimera.
Zebra brainwashing spell Mentioned in Project Horizons as a way to brainwash Zebra and make them loyal to Equestria. Was unusable due to zebra being naturally resistant to spells that affect the mind. never used


A Megaspell designed to travel to different systems and terminals throughout Equestria and turn control of those systems over to a single individual. The Megaspell is extremely complicated and is able to find descendants of the Ministry Mares or their next of kin to turn control over to.

Used to unlock various projects

Implosion Megaspell By useing a targeting talisman as a homeing becon, cast from Megaspell Champer #8, this megaspell creates a gravitational singularity at the target location, pulling in all matter within it's area of effect and compressing it into a sphere that then falls to the ground. Depending on the amount of matter collected and the hight drop the sphere can have devastating results to anything under it. Used to stop bio-missile launches and destroy Shadowbolt Tower.

Pink Eyes Edit

Name Effect Known Uses
Salt Cube A balefire bomb somehow fused with the massive twelve meter tall, salt cube in Salt Cube City's dome. This caused a much slower release of Balefire radiation, though the amount of radiation released, began increasing after 200 years, threatening to detonate and wipe out Salt Cube City. Salt Cube City

Heroes Edit

The Caledonian government developed a method for implanting Megaspells into living ponies. Examples of this type of megaspell include...

Name Effect Ponies Implanted Known Uses
Time Travel Megaspell A time traveling Megaspell was created by Equestria's allies in Caledonia. The spell was to be used to send back a warning about how the war ended and ultimately prevent the disaster from occurring in the first place. Simple Heart Was used, but unsuccesfully.
Balefire Megaspell A balefire megaspell was implanted inside the pony known as the Laughing Stallion. The Megaspell had a massive blast yield which would have likely leveled much of Dise, had the Batmare not teleported the living megaspell outside the city. Laughing Stallion Used

Gaia Prevails Edit

Name Effect Known Uses
Annihilation Megaspell The Annihilation Megaspell lives up to it's name and annihilates everything in an 500 meter radius, leaving nothing behind but a perfect hemispherical hole in the ground. After Cloudsdayle got hit the Pegasi abandonned the Battle of Hufstein and simply dropped the Megaspell onto the battlefield, killing ponies and Zebras alike. outside Hufstein
Love and Tolerance A Newspaper article reports about two Megaspells stolen by Gaia Prevails. The function of these Megaspells is unknown but they were designed to be used in quick succession of each other. presumably not used

Wasteland Jewel Edit

Name Effect Known Uses
Burning Rain A variation of the more well known Balefire Bomb, it was detonated in the SPP Tower outside of Neigh Orleans and interfered with its systems to create the Firerain phenomenon Neigh Orleans

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