List of Characters that appear in Fallout Equestria: AuroraEdit

Main CharactersEdit


Lead protaganist and story teller, Sparx  escaped the tomb that had become of his stable after waking up two hundred years later to a failing power system.  Set to find a replacement to save those still trapped he sets off into the wasteland.  A brown pegasus satllion with electric blue mane, tail and matching set of flight feathrs.  His cutie mark is a broken shield with a medics cross emblazoned across the front.


A changeling without a nest, Static was rescued from slavers. Capable of limited telepathy and possessing a knack for repairing what most ponies see as junk.  She can be usually found taking the form of a tan unicorn mare with green striped mane and tail. Her cutie mark is of a broadcast tower.


A green alicorn 'lost' after her connection with the goddess went silent.  She is oppsessed with the memory orbs of a MOA operative and takes her name for herself since she does not remember who she is anymore.  Letting the memories in the orbs become her own.  She hides her wings under a rain cloak and styles her mane in an attempt to distance herself form other alicorns.

TSB-117b-7 "Seven"

MoM sprite bot.  Seven was located in a secured MOA hanger in the Baltimare area. 


Ex-slaver who now serves in Red-Eyes slaver army. All he ever wanted to do was make some quick caps and settle down somewhere safe. But with everything going on in the wasteland these days that might not be an option he has anymore.   Tally is a white earth pony stallion with short red mane and tail.  His cutie mark is a set of four black tick marks with a fifth crossing diaganolly over the other four.

Minor CharactersEdit

Silver Apple

An earth pony stallion who is spared by Sparx on the premise that he isn't truly a slaver and rather Rusty Needle's coltfriend.  Silver has a blue coat with a tan mane and tail.  His cutie mark is a single silver apple grenade.

Rusty Needle "Rust"

The earth pony mare Rust was rescued from a band of slavers.  She does her best to practice medicine in a dying wasteland.  She sports a light yellow coloration with a dark yellow amen and tail. Her cutie mark is of a syringe of Med-X.

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