Lightning Twirl
Title Security Mare
Race Pegasus
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Stable 91
Family Unknown
Status Dead

Lightning Twirl, introduced in Chapter 1, is a security pony from Stable 91. Also known as 'Twirl', she is one of Red Dawn's best friends, and is Star Glint's marefriend. She is a minor character who appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn.


Lightning Twirl carries herself confidently, and has good leadership skills. Her aggressive nature allows her to take the lead when nopony else can; this is seen in Chapter 2 when she leads her friends through the snow, and keeps them motivated and going, despite the harsh weather conditions and low morale.

Lightning Twirl's loyalty to her friends and stable is undoubtedly unbreakable, sacrificing herself for Red Dawn and Dew Drops in hopes that they could escape the Snow Fury ambush with their lives. She loves her friends , and is extremely compassionate and vengfeful. This is seen in Chapter 1 when she leaves her security post to escort Box Cutter to the clinic, and in Chapter 2, when she rushes blindly into the Snow Fury ambushers to make them pay for killing Star Glint and Amber Fields.


Lightning Twirl went to school with her friends, and developed a close relationship with Red Dawn, Dew Drops, Amber Fields, Box Cutter, and Star Glint, over the years. Despite taking a different path, displaying aptitude for combat and weapons training and thus becoming a security officer in Stable 91, she kept her skills close, and her friends closer. She eventually found herself within a romantic relationship with Star Glint, after being friends for decades. This relationship, and her circle of friends persist to this day.

Following their expedition outside the Stable's doors, she and the others explored the harsh, freezing landscape of the Northern Wasteland. The group is ambushed by Snow Furies in the middle of a clearing after stumbling upon Star Glint's flayed corpse. She is the second to last to fall, and is directly responsible for saving Red Dawn's life after buying Dew Drops and Red Dawn time to escape by allowing herself to be butchered alive by the ambushing Snow Furies. Though a body is never recovered, Red Dawn believes her to be dead; Night Sky seems to confirm this after Red Dawn wakes up in Dusktown after clearing the forests of Snow Furies.


Lightning Twirl is extremely skilled in flight, seen performing acrobatic maneuvers to avoid gunfire, or entering melee combat from the sky in brutal surprise attacks with her hooves. She is also adept at using firearms, as seen in Chapter 2 in combat against Snow Furies. Among her friends, she, as a security pony, is the most proficient at firearms and combat in general.

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