living in that Stable was like I was like living in hell!.
– - Fallout: Equestria - The Past, LightStar to SkaterRater and Laughter Piper
Me stable 1

LightStar in her stable suit



LightStar has nearly lived long before Luna lived. She soon became a Enclave commander, as Laughter Piper encouraged the Enclave to except her. She commanded Piper through out the war and also with Night Hawk. As the Last Day occurred, Light left the tower she worked at, leaving Piper and Hawk while Hawk got injured as rumble fell onto her. She found SkaterRater in the middle of Manehatten and they soon tried to find the nearest stable. Skater couldn't keep up with Light, because of the radiation toxic filling up her throat which made it impossible to breath. Luckily, she did get to Stable 30.

Stable LifeEdit

As soon as she go to the stable, she got terrible breathing problems and stayed in ANE for weeks on end. She finally got into a normal life as a stable resident and got taught more magical horn spells. She soon noticed that the residents would 'grunt' or ignore her if they would go past. She spoke to the Overmare privately, and found out that they thought she was 'a show off' and 'doesn't deserve to be a alicorn'. Most weeks after that, she would stay her room and cry about how they felt. One day, she heard a lot of banging on her door and aggressive screaming outside her room, so, she looked out and saw nearly 200 ponies outside her room with banners saying 'GET OUT OF OUR STABLE!' also 'KILL YOURSELF!'. She soon flew out of her room to the stable door (and obviously knew the stable doors code) and broke out into the wasteland.

Wasteland lifeEdit

After she escaped her stable, she soon started a new life in the Wastelands. After her first kill, she meet Skater that also escaped her stable after a raid and soon joined forces. After leaving Manehatten, they soon meet Piper, (with Skater obviously threatning) there friendship soon reunited and also joined forces and became 'The Wasteland Wanderers'. Next, they went to Canterlot to rescue Luna (without knowing she was dead) as Luna was Light's aunt. After finding Nightseer's body and scanning the bones on here, Light's devastation rose as she finds out that the bones are Luna's. Soon, they found Ponyville, where Skater got a visit from her sister, SkullBreaker also becoming allies with her and introducing her to Light and Piper. After meeting Homage and Littlepip, she found out Littleip's nickname, 'LightBringer' was her old name in the past. She soon gave Pip her blessing and wished her for a joy and happiness with Homage and her friends. Soon,


Today, Light wanders the Wasteland with her friends and try to fight her way for there to be light and freedom for stable ponies including innocent slaves. She finds more experimental facts to check out with her friends on the way. There may be a possibility that Skater's sister, SkullBreaker joins the team.