Appearing in Fallout Equestria: Commonwealth, Lesser Soul Jars are described as objects that have absorbed a bit of the soul of their owners or have a link to a particularly strong spirit. Rare but not unheard of, they are usually things closely associated with great figures and become part of their legend; The magic sword of a great hero, the brush of a master painter, the likeness of a powerful figure, all can have a minor link to their soul, passively absorbed over time into the object.

The result is a number of trinkets that do not have the power of true Soul Jars like the Ministry Mare Statuettes, but aren't products of the Black Book or necromancy and do grant various bonuses to their owner. Lesser Soul Jars generally grant a +10 bonus to an associated skill, rather than a boost of +1 to a stat. Essentially a stand in for the matching Bobbleheads found in the Fallout games.

List of Lesser Soul Jars in Commonwealth Edit

Throughout his adventures, Fast Times collects a number of these prized objects, gaining their bonuses over time, thanks to his habit of collecting toys and what most wastelanders would view as junk.

Skill Chapter Location Object
Big Guns 30 Fort Haygone- Kellogg Pinkie Pie Mask #42
Flight 62 Whistlin' Arcano Toys Factory Stuffed Spitfire Doll
Magic 57 Fairlines Estates Staff of Sameness
Magical Energy Weapons 39 Institute Biosciences - Moondancer's Endless Birthday Party Space Captain Andromeda Figure
Medicine 24 Hubris Comics & Entertainment Alicorn Angel Blue Figure
Melee Weapons
Science 26 Moondancer's Cottage Alicorn Angel Moondancer Figure
Small Guns 32 Bunker Hill - Big Mac Memorial Sgt. Big Mac Figure
Survival 47 Goodneighbor - Rara's Dressing Room Camp Friendship Neckerchief
(Misc- Drug and Alcohol Use) 41 Robronco Galleria- Letrotski's Lanes The Dude's Trophy

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