The daily unlife title lemon frisk

Lemon Frisk

Lemon Frisk is the protagonist of the side story The Daily Unlife. He is a Canterlot ghoul from Stable One who wandered into the wastelands on a whim.


Lemon Frisk is generally very calm and peaceful, but is known to act erratically when encountering difficulties, and usually manages to overcome them with his own bizarre combination of negotiation and intimidation.

With the help of the unicorn Misty Cloud, he is slowly getting over the loss of his family, a trauma he hasn't been able to cope with for the past two hundred years.


Lemon Frisk worked as a crisis manager for the Ministry of Morale, and was involved in such actions as managing surprise parties, preventing terrorist attacks and deploying the Sprite-bots. When asked about his job, he only mentioned the parties, most likely from a desire to suppress the war-related aspects in his past.

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