Legends and Lore complete collection

Image of the book.
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Legends and Lore: The Complete Collection is a pre-war book recovered in the Blueblood Central Library by Aurora Borealis and Silent Requiem. It was found, carefully hidden in the basement levels, the basement had been crawling with robots and had been pilfered by a mysterious scavenger known only as ~R~.

The book was not on the list of books the scavenger had been searching for, but they probably would have taken it, given how meticulous they had been when clearing out the upper floors.

The book is bound with brown leather and gold trim, with latches on it to hold it closed. The image of a Unicorn or Alicorn head is emblazoned on the front, in the same gold material. The book contains a series of ancient stories and is part of Silent Requiem and Aurora's nightly routine. Aurora will sit down with her and read a story to Requiem out loud.

The book is important to Aurora and is connected with her in some way, it is one of the personal items she refuses to part with.The Book is carried in Aurora's saddlebags along with Requiems belongings, a signed photo of Rainbow Dash, Tom and Aurora's Statuette of Rainbow Dash.

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