Heh, heh, heh. You’ve got guts, and your soul’s as black as mine. I’ll consider your proposition in my sleep. We’ll speak again, Farsight... That’s a Pinkie Promise.
– Lavender
Viva Las Pegasus, Chapter 5
Full Name Lavender Fields
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Freelancer Psycho
Family None
Status Dormant
  Alive, parasitary

Lavender is a unicorn filly and one of the main characters of Viva Las Pegasus.



Lavender is the result of a pre-War experiment called "Lavender Fields", meant to control the violent behavior in young ponies by means of subliminal conditioning. It was issued by Stable-Tec to Stable 173, located in the middle of the Neighvada Desert.

For almost two centuries, the Overmares of Stable 173 neglected the experiment, and Lavender laid dormant in the central systems of the Stable, until the last Overmare decided to activate the conditioning system. Soon, the colts and fillies of the shelter started going crazy and murderous, and Lavender started growing by feeding on the young ponies' energy, until it was finally 'complete' and ready to implant herself on a pony's mind.

Present DayEdit

When Farsight and Desert Rose enter Stable 173 to find a Water Talisman, the spirit of Lavender finds the perfect host in the naive filly, and she starts breaking into Rose's mind. Eventually, Lavender takes possession of Rose's body, attacking Farsight in the process, until the conditioning system is deactivated by the stallion. Then, Rose recovers control of her body and sends Lavender to an uneasy sleep...



As Lavender lives in Desert Rose's body, they share the same appearance: pink coat, red mane with white stripes and green eyes. When Lavender is in control, the eyes shrink to small dots and the muzzle curls into an eldritch grin.


Lavender is a murderous psychopath, bent on feeding on murder and possibly, sex. Unlike Rose, Lavender is highly aggressive and terrifying.


Lavender's magic is dedicated to causing pain and destruction. In consequence, she has a strong telekinetic grip, capable of ripping a living pony apart. This, combined with Rose's healing abilities, makes her capable of inflicting terrible tortures by keeping her victim alive.

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