After hearing war broke out... That was it. Smiles were gone....
Fallout: Equestria - The Past, Piper to Skater and Light


Cyber Piper

Piper with her gun saddle

Piper was originally in the Enclave but 'quite' on the Last Day. She soon started to fear Night Hawk as she nearly killed her after she got controlled by zebra's. She soon practise battling with Night, but kept her distance. On the Last Day, Piper went to the North Tower of the Enclave to check on LightStar until a weak Megaspell hit the top of the tower. Most of the ceiling fell onto Night which left Piper to save her while Light escaped, helplessly. After dragging Night from the debris as she was unconscious, Piper fled to the earth below, and fled to a nearest stable she could find. Finally, she got to Stable 27 and found out that Night died in her hooves.

Stable Life

Pipers Stable life isn't actually predicted but we know she left the stable moments after the Megaspells and missiles rained.

Wasteland Life

After leaving the stable to search for survivors, Piper fled her stable to see Equestria's end and to search for injured ponies that survived the fall. She took a gun saddle with a note from Pinkie Pie saying:

Never stop laughing ;).

which Piper loved more than the world. After bumping into SkaterRater, not noticing it was her but luckily, Light recognized her and brought the friendship back.


Today, Piper wanders the Wasteland with her friends, in search of survivors or innocent slave to free.

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