Langson was a griffin who resided in Stalliongrad after tracking the Razorwing family across the Wasteland.


Langson was a member of the Dead Boys. He was sent out to find the location of the Razorwing family, his search eventually taking him to Stalliongrad. Once there, Langson was approached by the Razorwings whom he decided to extort for bottlecaps in exchange for his silence. To ensure his own safety, Langson normally worked through intermediary griffins who would collect caps for him.

Dead Boys AssaultEdit

When the Razorwings came up short on caps, Langson reported their location to the rest of the Dead Boys. Langson presumably hid during the ensuing conflict before he was found and confronted by Silas Razorwing. Frost Windchill, looking for answers, arrived at the Razorwing household, where he prevented Langson from drawing his guns and proceeded to torture the griffin with Silas' permission.

After interrogating Langson and discovering seventy-three Stalliongrad ponies died over caps, he stabbed Langson in the gut, making him presume it would be a slow and painful death as his stomach acid ate through his organs. He then allowed Langson to drown himself by repeatedly reforming water around his head. Langson died, having been tricked into killing himself, much to Frost's satisfaction.



Langson was a griffin male, slightly shorter than average.


Langson was a remorseless opportunist, preying on the Razorwing's fear of discovery in order to extort money from them. He was clever enough to use other griffins in proxy, ensuring he would not be in danger himself.


Langson's name is a reference to the Langston River in Bastion.

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