Lake Cider is a large body of water in the Moohave region.


Lake Cider is the largest body of fresh water in the Moohave wasteland. The fresh water is one of the major resources of the Moohave that attracted the New Coltifornia Republic to the region. The lake also provides provides the water, needed for the Hoofer Dam to generate massive amounts of electricity.

The Vikeans live in a settlement on Lake Cider's shores and sail the Lake and the interconnected rivers and waterways. The lake is also a source of fresh fish, which is much safer for consumption, than the meat of mutated wildlife. The lake is home to carnivorous creatures known as Lakeponies, which put river and lakeside settlements at risk of being raided for food and males to mate with.

Lake Cider is potentially at risk of Pink Cloud contamination from the Casino Royale.


  • Lake Cider is based on lake Mead from New Pegas
  • The lake is full of a number of varieties of fresh water fish
  • The Vikeans are master sailors who are experts at sailing and navigating Lake Cider and the surrounding rivers

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