Knight NanoGram
"At last, silence. In this my final moment on this Equis, I wish to ask something of you, Stars. Tell that security pony, that she saved me from an eternity of pointless killing, tell her To remember my name."
Full Name Sir Knight NanoGram of the Iron Knights
Title "Lord of the Iron Knight order"
alias Steel Paladin Nano, ghost-Knight of old Equestria, The Broken Knight
Race Earth Pony
Sex Male
Faction/Role Order of the Iron Knights
Family RedBark (mate), KiloGram (son), Stone Ear (father)
Status Alive (presumed insane)
  Deceased (confirmed)

founded by NanoGram to be a symbol of honor, bravery, and taste for the old ways, this knight based faction is one member strong. All members eithee died, left, or vanished, and Old Sir Nano remains. He wanders the wasteland killing things, and documenting them in his wasteland creature compendium, in the hopes that someone will continue his legacy, and learn from the book.

over time, NanoGram has lost all he loves, and has become an emotionless fighting machine. he fights using an iron and titanium sword, forged with dragonfire. An earth pony, he wields his blade with a special metal grip that fits as a mouthpiece.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

Technology Edit

Notes & Trivia Edit

members Edit

-NanoGram (living)

-Red Bark (deceased) (died giving birth to Kilogram) (partner of nano gram)

-titanium angle (missing) (separated in ponyvile, never seen again)

-freedom (deceased) (killed by bandits) (friend of nano)

-stone ear (deceased) (killed by hellhound) (father of nano)

-KiloGram (deceased) (murdered by tusk) (son of nanogram)

-Tusk (missing) (fled after killing Kilogram)

-Ivory song (killed by falling rock) (member of order)

-berry blue (missing) (assumed dead, dissapeared after contracting radiation poisoning)

-jest (deceased) (killed by drone in ministries of morale building)

-sifted soil (deceased) (killed by steel ranger)

references Edit

A Steel Ranger is heard talking about accidentally killing a mare while fighting Shooting a bloatsprite. The mare was Sifted Soil.

Spike References to the iron battalion as the original "Knights of the wasteland"

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