Killstreak is an albino unicorn and main character from the story Fallout Equestria: Moon's Blood, alongside Red Sky and Windigo.

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Killstreak foe moon s blood by slouping-d7tx0te

~ DAfavicon by Slouping
Full Name Unknow
alias Killstreak (nickname)
Race Unicorn (Noble)
Sex Female
Faction/Role Stable 13
Family Mother- Unknown name

Unknown father

Status Alive



Killstreak is the daughter of the best information mare in Stable 13 and was nicknamed from her cutie-mark obtained when she killed a large number of radroaches in a row.

Present DayEdit

Killstreak joined Red Sky's party as a temporary companion the inn of the underground city beneath Deathwing's Castle. She became a member of the crew after Deathwing's Castle and Slaver's camp events



Killstreak is described by Red Sky as a kind a shy mare, mocked by others children in her childhood because of her color and the eyepatch she never removes.


Killstreak showed her capacities to hack terminals and use alternatives ways to unlock electrical panels by using electric wires.


Red Sky - Killstreak and Red Sky were having a former loving relationship and still a close friend, even after they broke up.

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