Golden Dream
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Crimson's Caravans
Family Unnamed father Deceased

Unnamed mother Deceased Unnamed brother Alive

Status Alive

'Kid' is an earth pony from Froggy Bottom Swamp. She is a protagonist of the RPG campaign Fallout: Beyond Equestria and is played by Fridge.



Kid grew up in the depths of Froggy Bottom Swamp, the only earth pony in a family of pegasi. She appears to have grown up relatively happy there. before she joined the crew in Nexus, she was a Moonshine brewer and merchant.

Present DayEdit


Noble Heart -

Get Lost -

Copycat -

Bookwright -

Shatara -



Kid is a small-statured mare with a green coat and red mane. In addition, she wears a straw hat, a long brown coat, a small iron barrel on her back, and a bit of burlap sack cloth and tanned furs covering her chest with some assorted metal bits covering her essentials. Her cutie mark is a pure white rag twisted and wrapped around a clay jug. Due to a mistake in brewing, she blinded her left eye, previously a light blue, and burnt the fur off of it, leaving the area pink and scarred while her eye became milky and white. So at not to freak out any prospective customers, she took to wearing a bandage over her eye.



Growing up in Froggy Bottom Swamp, Kid learned two main trades: Moonshine brewing and goods trading, and used them as her main income before joining the crew. Because of the varied and vicious fauna which live in the swamp, she has become proficent with shotguns. She is also a capable survivalist.

Due to being touched by necromancy in the past, Kid has also the ability to see ghosts and spirits.


Combat Shotgun -
Crossbow -


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