Kaden was a griffin Elite squad commander working for the Dead Boys. He was captured by Frost Windchill and his companions within the ruins of Manehattan.


Kaden originally fought Frost Windchill and his companions Azrael and Rig. He recognized Azrael as being a former Dead Boy, hence the initial attack. Kaden's squad was killed, and Kaden himself was captured and questioned by Frost after a fierce battle outside and inside a hospital

Frost interrogated Kaden, demanding answers for why the Dead Boys were in Manehattan and why they were acquiring RadAway in such large quantities. Kaden initially resisted even Frost's torture. He revealed what little information he knows after Frost hypnotized him, including his name and what he was doing in Manehattan- and the existence of Dead Boys operations elsewhere, including in Stalliongrad.

Kaden was killed by Frost at the end of the interrogation.



He was a stoic and defiant griffin who did his best to resist Frost's interrogation techniques.

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