Jury Prototype Render

Jury is a prototype Pistol weapon created by Arcano Industries as part of its 'Linear Arcane Weapons' or L.A.W. development. Lightweight weight and able to deal with a great range of targets it was meant to replace all small arms weapons produced for The Ministry Of Wartime Technology.

The prototype has no physical trigger and was designed for use by unicorns or ponies with PipBuck's. The on board microprocessor would link into a PipBuck's systems remotely to allow firing and selection of they type of shot the weapon would produce.

The type of shot was denoted by four factors:

-Speed of the projectile - Embodied energy of the projectile - Mass of the projectile - The ratio of Hydrogen to Oxygen in the projectile.

All three of these the user has control over through the PipBuck interface or directly via the buttons on the back of the gun. The gun was almost unique in not having to carry its ammunition. The barrel of the gun would absorb hydrogen and oxygen from the air either as water or as separate particles by use of a one way magical field. This would be stored in the handle of the gun until needed. Energy from the Micro-Magic cell was then used to energise and fire this stored matter. The handle could store hundreds of shots worth of matter but the number of shots is limited by the capacity of the MM cells to between 40 low energy shots and 10 High energy shots.

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