Iron Clad is an Earth Pony Slaver discovered in Stable 66. He was being held prisoner by the Stable's residents who intended to install a device in his brain, that would link him to their hive mind but erase his individuality. He used to work for Doublethink.


Iron Clad was captured by the ponies within Stable 66, who kept him prisoner in the holding cells. They intended to install a neural device inside his brain and make him part of the Stable's hive mind mentality. It is likely that he was captured during the Slavers attempted Raid or he may have been captured and sparked off the firefight outside Stable 66.

He is rescued by Aurora, despite Arsenal's insistance that he be left behind or killed. Aurora knowing the horrible truth behind the Stable's inhabitants, didn't wish to leave him. Seeing that even a Slaver didn't deserve to have his personality wiped away.

He used a pistol and provided supporting fire as they made their way out of the Stable. He explained to Aurora & her friends about Pleasant Acre's slave camp, which inspired Aurora to attempt to rescue the slaves. She was overwhelmed by Doublethinks mind control spell, but Iron Clad brought assistance in the form of Arsenal and Silent Requiem who had been waiting elsewhere.

Iron Clad assisted in getting the Slaves out of Pleasant Acre's and accompanied the freed Slaves to their new home at The Junkyard. It seems he wants to put his past behind him and find a new life amongst the free folk of Junkyard.


He is shown to be a buck with some integrity. He helped rescue Aurora and the slaves when he could have eaily turned them over to Doublethink. All because of his gratitude for saving him from Stable 66. He does have a moral compass and didn't enjoy being a slaver, he merely did the job because it paid well and he needed the money.

He also has a sense of humour, and bursts out laughing at the two Alicorns that approached Aurora because of how they worded their request. Much like the rest of the slaves.

He feared Doublethink but was willing to work past his fear and assist in rescuing Aurora and the slaves.


He is shown to have some skill with a pistol and his special talent is being a slaver. He has knowledge of the area of the wasteland the story is set in, including knowledge of local legends, like the crazy ghoul in the mountains who slaughters slavers.


  • Former Slaver
  • Helped free the slaves of Pleasant Acre's
  • Nearly became part of the artifical hive mind in Stable 66
  • Has a moral code
  • Is now living in the Junkyard
  • Wields a pistol
  • His special talent is being a slaver

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